What is NESS

Neuro-Energetic Stimulation System®

The Neuro-Energetic Stimulation System® (NESS) is a patented technology invented by Dr. Nick Kealoha that dramatically accelerates the curative process of behavioral change.

Elena Vasilieva trained directly with the inventor and has used NESS to help hundreds of people break the bonds of corrosive addictions, phobias, and stress-related disorders.

The process begins with a thorough assessment of the patient and the development of an individualized treatment program catered to the patient’s goals. Then, using a combination of patented sounds and lights technology calibrated at specific brainwave frequencies, NESS assists the patient in stimulating their brain to accept positive change or a new behavior. Once the brain has been stimulated, the change becomes a permanent part of the patient’s behavior and life.

Research has shown that the system’s unique pattern of synchronized stimulation can speed up the learning process 300 to 900 times and significantly increases brain receptivity.

Unlike other forms of psychotherapy and hypnosis, NESS consistently achieves immediate improvement and can solve most behavioral problems in as little as one 120- to 240-minute session.

NESS is a non-invasive and drug-free treatment that can address a variety of Treatment Areas, and yield fast, tangible results.

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