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Elena Vasilieva

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Elena Vasilieva is an addictions specialist with additional expertise in stress- and trauma-related disorders, able to deliver services in four languages – English, Spanish, Russian, and French.
She was attracted to the Neuro-Energetic Stimulation System as a treatment therapy after recognizing its sustained capacity for attaining exceedingly rapid and powerful curative results.

``With traditional psychology, the results were not as impressive or permanent,`` Elena says. ``Sometimes the problem will actually get worse, because in dealing with the root causes of a disorder, you talk about it. You bring the problem back to the surface and the person feels worse before they feel better.``

Psychoanalysis, cognitive behavior therapy, and hypnotherapy or hypnosis generally require multiple sessions over an extended period of time, meaning weeks, months, or more of continued suffering as people work through treatment.

``And then,`` Elena notes, ``they often relapse.``

After witnessing the NESS system’s consistent success at producing quick positive conclusions in a single therapeutic session, Elena dedicated her practice to providing the benefits of NESS to all of her patients.

``This system neutralizes either certain feelings towards something or it neutralizes their feelings for its underlying cause.``

Personally trained by its inventor, Elena assesses each patient and tailors an individual program to ensure outstanding results.

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Our Team

  • Elena Vasilieva

    As a N.E.S.S Specialist Elena has been using the N.E.S.S program to help hundreds of people since it was invented.

  • Larisa Chekudaeva

    Larisa has been working with the N.E.S.S program and many others to help those in need to relax and deal with stress for over 15 years.

  • Dr. Nick Kealoha

    Dr Nick Kealoha is the founder and inventor of the N.E.S.S program and has helped thousands of people quit smoking, lose weight, and fight depression.

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